The Challenge

Clé de Peau Beauté, a high-end and prestigious beauty brand, set out to expand our devout following and introduce our radiance-maximizing products to a new generation, meeting them where they go for beauty tips and inspiration: TikTok and Instagram.

American icon and devoted fan of Clé de Peau, Martha Stewart, was the perfect partner for our TikTok debut. Her enduring appeal, better than anyone, captures the message that it's possible to achieve Generation Ageless.

We needed to promote the prestige products, drive users to the site and make waves on social and beyond.


The juxtaposition of a classic brand on a fun, young platform was ripe for humor. Having famous friends makes Martha a rare cultural tastemaker across generations especially since she was ready to lean into the ‘thirst-trap’ moniker from her infamous selfie. Our nuanced approach combined Martha’s universal appeal, trendy-but-effortlessly-cool TikTok poses, and cheeky humor.
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Idea: reveal the brand & products as Martha's secret to her 'thirst trap' selfie. Whalar worked closely with Martha to create five videos all in the style and language of TikTok - our specialist subject. Our first video wowed the world with Martha’s acknowledgement and ownership of the Thirst Trap title and explained how she achieved it with some help from Clé de Peau. The following four videos featured different products and played on Martha’s newfound status as a classy and desirable TikTok influencer, able to hold her own and outshine any other beauty tutorialist. The videos played out over a month, each one highlighting different products that complimented the social trend that Martha was poking fun at.

Stats & sentiment

"Our best performing social and marketing campaign for the US market."
— Top viewed landing page of all time on
78 Million Views
Press Articles
3+ B
More than 3 billion impressions
Outpaced the total prestige makeup market in sales growth by +10ppts.
Product across the entire business (Concealer)
Speech Bubble

Real Comments

Ok I’m convinced buying this ASAP!!
God damnit why do I want it
You are taking over TicTok and I ❤️it!!! #teamMartha
Here to co-sign! That concealer has changed my life! 🔥♥️🙌🏾
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