The Creator Economy Is Measurable

At Whalar, we believe creators are media. Their work can and should be measured the same way brands would analyze their media activations on each major platform.

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About Measurement

Our media, measurement, and analytics team measures what matters — creating bespoke learning agendas to help brands understand the real business impact of campaigns.

Instead of developing new solutions that don't map to existing business objectives, we incorporate existing and proven methodologies to your creator campaigns. And we lead the charge on new solutions, because measurement must evolve in tandem with the Creator Economy.

Creators Drive ROI

The Creator Economy continues to grow its share of investment, and it's clear that creator marketing is no longer an experimental tactic. Creators are media; their content is viewed, shared, and enjoyed on every major platform alongside brand-owned content.


Whalar conducted an extensive Media Mix Model (MMM) analysis to show the impact of creator content within the overall media mix. Key findings from the study reveal creator content is a valuable media investment. Our creator content achieved a remarkable 2.4x ROI, surpassing the performance of prominent media channels such as social, online video (OLV), and television.

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Providing Solutions for Business Growth

Defining creator strategy, delivering results

Solve for a

Business Objective

  • One primary objective
  • Identify a clear KPI: awareness, consideration, affinity, conversion, etc.

Smart Targeting

  • After identifying your objective, target the communities that matter
  • Leverage the right creators on the right platform to maximize results

Reach / Frequency Sufficiency

  • Plan to optimize for your business objective:
  • Upper funnel = optimizing for reach
  • Lower funnel = optimizing for frequency


Best Practices

  • Develop platform-first assets
  • Focus on creator guidance aligned to your business objective

Planned Measurement

  • Business metrics > social metrics
  • Measure reach, awareness, conversion, not fans, 
likes, follows
  • Plan ahead. Test, learn and scale to future campaigns

Bespoke Strategic
Measurement Solutions

We measure what matters and create bespoke measurement solutions that are designed to understand the real business impact of campaigns.

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Expertise in Leveraging Existing Solutions

Measuring what matters means aligning to your brand’s KPIs and objectives. Our measurement and media teams will work with you to apply any tags, pixels, or on-platform solutions to measure the impact of your activation.

Data, Insights, and Creativity without Compromise

Our team partners with today's most forward-thinking platforms to provide brands with insights that are relevant, meaningful, and actionable.

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What metrics should we use to measure success with our creator/
influencer campaign?

At Whalar, we believe creator campaigns should be measured alongside all other media being run on the platforms, and not as a tangential “one-off.” For that reason, we’re fully aligned with the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) with respect to utilizing the metrics provided by each of the major social media platforms to align on equitable metrics that matter.  

Fundamentally, paid media tactics fall under three buckets: Awareness, Consideration, Call-to-Action, and creator initiatives are absolutely no different.

How do we consolidate metrics across all platforms?

We understand the desire to consolidate metrics. However, as the ANA notes, this is not feasible with organic content. As you can see in the breakdown in this chart, each platform has a unique way of calculating even the most standard of metrics. This is why the overwhelming guidance is to focus on the core metrics that have driven brand results consistently over time: reach and frequency.

How can we deduplicate reach, views, engagement, etc?

Unfortunately, this simply isn’t possible for anyone to provide. In order to calculate deduplication, cross-platform user-level data is required, and not a single platform offers these data as it would violate GDPR and CCPA/CPRA. Whalar uses authenticated aggregated data from all of our platform partnerships, so user-level analysis for deduplication isn’t available.

So how can I actually measure the impact of my creator campaign with Whalar? Am I better off doing this in house?

Whalar can absolutely help provide a deep and holistic understanding of your activation! Our dedicated team of experts will help you design and measure your campaign. We’re currently able to provide deeper analytics through collaboration with Element Human, GWI, NetBase Quid, Nielsen, Tubular Labs, and VidMob. Additionally, we can utilize any affiliate or UTM links and any MMP/attribution tags already set up with the relevant platforms to measure your lower funnel KPIs. All we need from you are your business KPIs and objectives, and we can loop in our measurement team.