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Our mission to Liberate the Creative Voice is at the heart of our community. When we work with talent, we focus on data, diversity, creativity and accountability.
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Measuring Effectiveness
"You can't treasure what you don't measure"
Paul Polman (ex CEO Unilever)
          @georgiarosehardy    |    @care4art
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Our Mission:
To lead influencer content measurement and quantify its effectiveness

To prove:
That influencer content shifts brand perception, evokes emotion, and drives purchase intent
         @iam_rahupatel    |    @dee_jaxon
Brilliant Basics
Measure core campaign metrics using official APIs
Official Platform Partners:
Our proprietary technology pulls first-party performance data

Reach, impressions, engagement, views, reach engagement rate, follower engagement rate, reach view rate

Images, videos, stories, paid media
Brand Uplift Reports
Understand the performance of a campaign
Campaign Based:
Reporting on how a brand is perceived

-   Awareness
-   Perception shift
-   NPS
-   Purchase intent

-   Exposed and unexposed
-   Survey
-   Implicit association test

Compare Results:
-   Determine 'Brand Uplift'
-   Identify core impact on brand
Creative Uplift Reports
Understand the performance of individual creative
Creative Based:
-   Reporting on which creative drives results

-   Emotions evoked
-   Key message takeout
-   Brand recall
-   Purchase intent
-   Search intent

-   Guaranteed exposure
-   Survey
-   Facial coding
-   Eye tracking

Discover the most powerful creative to implement the most effective content
Organic posts are coupled with creator amplification to effectively target relevant audiences
All powered by authentic
creator content

Streamlined Workflow

Providing a full funnel influencer package from identification to amplification as one workflow

Transparency & Trust

Our strong relationships with creators grant us access; they trust us to amplify their content and to target the right audiences

Cost Efficiency

Delivering cost efficiency whilst maintaining ad relevance for the best price

Creator Scalability & Measurement

Leveraging our key creator audiences and extending reach for scalability & measurement
The Science of Influencer
Our first-ever neurological study, conducted by Neuro-Insight UK, found that when compared to TV advertisements, influencer content is 277% more emotionally intense, and 87% more memorable
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