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We are proud of our Global Marketing Partnerships with five social media platforms
“Whalar is a valued partner of TikTok. They are innovators in the creator / influencer space, with a great reputation for delivering stand out work”
Blake Chandlee (VP Global Business Solutions, TikTok)
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These 100 Global Agencies Saw Staggering Growth in Uncertain Times
Adweek's second annual Fastest Growing rankings demonstrate the value of expertise...
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Whalar Launches First All-Black Creator House, ‘The Crib Around The Corner’
Influencer marketing firm Whalar have launched The Crib Around the Corner, the first content collaboration house specifically for Black TikTokers.
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A new TikTok influencer mansion, 'The Crib Around the Corner,' wants to put a spotlight on Black creators
A slew of social media stars have flocked to Los Angeles to build their careers in the entertainment industry...
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Whalar Sounds: A Music Service for Influencers
You make the content; we’ll do the music
Right now, under the influence of platforms such as TikTok and Instagram’s Reels...
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