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The Whalar Way

We are differentiated by our four distinct lines of business: proprietary technology, brand partnership expertise, comprehensive creator talent management, and dedicated Web3 innovation practice.

Enabling creators, brands, and platforms to work better together to drive growth for all.

Reinventing how brands reach consumers and inspire them to act.

Helping brands stay culturally relevant through smart creator strategies and entertaining content at scale.

Working at Whalar

We started as an influencer marketing agency but have expanded what we offer creators, social platforms, and brands. With our team of 250+ diverse, curious, intelligent, kind, and hard-working people, we work closely with large brands like Amazon, Google, Philips, MAC Cosmetics, Spotify, and TikTok, among many others, to connect them with brilliant creative talent and all of the social platforms to reach people worldwide. Since many people spend more time on social media, this is a modern way to raise awareness through strong brand partnerships (like advertising without interruption).
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Ashley Rudder avatar
Ashley Rudder
Chief Creator Officer
Eddie Renard avatar
Eddie Renard
Global Head of People
Emma Harman avatar
Emma Harman
Chief Client Officer
Gazmend Alushi avatar
Gazmend Alushi
President of Measurement and Analytics
Heena Agrawala avatar
Heena Agrawala
Chief Finance Officer
James Street avatar
James Street
Co Founder
Jo Cronk avatar
Jo Cronk
Co-President, Moby Ventures
Neil Waller avatar
Neil Waller
Co Founder
Niko Croskery avatar
Niko Croskery
Co-president, Moby Ventures
Rob Horler avatar
Rob Horler
Simon Moss avatar
Simon Moss
Tanya Silverstein avatar
Tanya Silverstein
Global SVP, Business Affairs
Victoria Bachan avatar
Victoria Bachan
President of Whalar Talent
Vlad Eminovici avatar
Vlad Eminovici

Board of  Directors

Andrea Wong avatar
Andrea Wong
Board Member
Bob Greenberg avatar
Bob Greenberg
Vice Chairman of the Board
Brad Smallwood avatar
Brad Smallwood
Board Member
Harriet Seitler avatar
Harriet Seitler
Board Member
Roxanne Taylor avatar
Roxanne Taylor
Board Member
Sir John Hegarty avatar
Sir John Hegarty
Chairman of the Board
Steven Wolfe Pereira avatar
Steven Wolfe Pereira
Board Member
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Whalar for Good

Our mission is to harness the power of the creator community by encouraging positive social change through strategic partnerships with world-class creators, brands, and leading social platforms.
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Life at Whalar

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