The Creator Economy is Measurable

At Whalar, we believe the Creator Economy is part of the ongoing evolution of media.
  • From Print, Radio, Television, Digital, Mobile, and Social, brands have pivoted their marketing strategies to utilize each new medium to build awareness, consideration, and call to action among consumers.
Creators are the next media touchpoint, driving provable business results for brands.
  • Since the media landscape is constantly evolving, measurement solutions need to evolve in tandem.
  • Instead of developing new solutions that don't map to existing business objectives, we need to incorporate existing and proven methodologies to your creator campaigns.
Whalar Can Help!

Providing Solutions for Business Growth

Defining creator strategy, delivering results.

solve for a business objective
  • One primary objective
  • Identify a clear KPI:
    Awareness, consideration, Affinity, Conversion, etc.
Smart Targeting
  • After identifying your objective, target the communities that matter
  • Leverage the right creators on the right platform to maximize results
frequency sufficiency
  • Plan to optimize for your business objective:
  • Upper funnel = optimizing for each
  • Lower funnel = optimizing for frequency
creative best practices
  • Develop platform-first assets
  • Focus on creator guidance aligned to your business objective
planned measurement
  • Business metrics > social metrics
  • Measure reach, awareness, conversion, not fans, likes, follows
  • Plan ahead. Test, learn and scale to future campaigns

Bespoke Strategic
Measurement Solutions

We measure what matters and create bespoke measurement solutions that are designed to understand the real business impact of campaigns
Element HumanNetBase QuidNielsenTubular

Expertise in Leveraging Existing Solutions

Measuring what matters means aligning to your brand’s KPIs and objectives.  Our measurement and media teams will work with you to apply any tags, pixels, or on-platform solutions to measure the impact of your activation.

Data, Insights, and Creativity Without Compromise

Utilizing 1P and 3P data
Measuring the campaign
NetBase Quid
What worked, what didn’t work, and why
Element HumanNielsen


What metrics should we use to measure success with our creator/influencer campaign?
How do we consolidate metrics across all platforms?
How can we deduplicate reach, views, engagement, etc?
Whalar - am I better off doing this in-house?