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We started as an influencer marketing agency but have expanded what we offer creators, social platforms, and brands. Today, we work closely with large brands (like Amazon, Google, Philips, MAC Cosmetics, Spotify, and TikTok, among many others) to connect them with brilliant creative talent and all of the social platforms to reach people worldwide. Since many people spend more time on social media, this is a modern way to raise awareness through strong brand partnerships (like advertising without interruption).

We are a creator-first company, and we are passionate about building opportunities for artists, writers, dancers, poets, and anyone with an ambition to join the creator economy. We connect these new voices to brands and platforms that want to source content and ideas from the communities they most want to engage.

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The Creator Economy is BOOMING

Today, audiences find the content they love in new places, uncontrolled by major media companies. Individual “creators” are now writers, comedians,  musicians, dancers, filmmakers, and publishers. Whether their content lives on Instagram, Snap, TikTok, Twitch, or YouTube – they are taking a greater and greater share of time and attention away from traditional content providers.

More Than 50 Million People Globally Consider Themselves Content Creators, and The Market Size Has Grown to Well Over $104 Billion.

According to recent Consumer Technology Association and YouGov research: Online creator content now accounts for 39% of weekly viewing time. In 2021, 92% of consumers trusted creators more than friends, family, and celebrities – up from 38% in 2018.

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We Embrace a Diverse Workplace

Diversity is a critical part of our success and a continuous process of reflection and improvement. It is not a new initiative for our team or creators but a core value since our founding. We believe in liberating all creative voices and ensuring we represent and are inclusive of all talent. We see this as an opportunity to raise the collective consciousness and ensure that Whalar supports new voices and points of view.

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Work Perks

Remote/Flexible Work
We are located across 6 countries and 18 states in the US. We are a remote-first work environment with the choice to go into offices if you are local to NY, London, or Spain.
Take that Time Off!
Whalar offers 25 working days of paid vacation (time off) each year, and, as an extra, we help everyone celebrate/refresh during the holiday season by closing our office between Christmas and New Year's Day.
Family Support
Raising a family is serious business, so we offer Whalar parents up to four months of fully paid parental leave.
Charity - Volunteer Days
Giving back is a priority, and we offer one week of paid time for volunteer work.
Home Office Stipend
We will help you get comfortable with your home office setup and offer a monthly phone/internet stipend.
Professional Development Stipend
We’re committed to helping our people further their careers and we offer a yearly stipend for job-related development.
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Engineered to Perfection

Our technology is our lifeblood. Our engineering team makes it happen.

The Tech

We have a modern tech stack, with a FE built in React, and a BE built in PHP with a microservice architecture leveraging the Symfony and Laravel frameworks. We use modern technologies such as Redux, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Python, Elasticsearch, AWS, & Docker.

How it's built

We use agile scrum methodologies enabling us to build quickly. Our planning and goal setting helps our team to focus on each sprint’s objectives and ensure an efficient development process.

Engineering Process

Our teamwork-driven developers have a voice in all of our engineering decisions and are involved early in the product discovery process. This helps us deliver the best possible solutions for our clients.  

Scalable Solutions

Our DevOps team has built a scalable infrastructure to enable us to grow while providing secure, high-performance web apps and services that drive the creator economy.

Where we work

World map showing North America, Europe, North Africa and most of the Middle East.

Whalar is registered in these US states:

Dayton City
Forest Park City
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island


Gold + Silver
Creator Agency of The Year
Top 10 Fastest Growing Tech Company 2020
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