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“This hashtag challenge felt best in class. We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s amazing cross-functional efforts. And to see the results…

We won. We Crushed it.”
Ashley Rudder, Director of Digital Content & Artistry, MAC Cosmetics.
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To celebrate the Powder Kiss Liquid Lip launch on TikTok, MAC collaborated with Whalar to create a powerful example of Gen Z marketing. 

TikTok beauty lives and breathes in the world of dramatic transitions and strong beat drops.

Our strategy behind #MoodFlip was to combine trending keywords with an original track to drive a bespoke hashtag challenge. 

Collaborating with an independent musician to capture MAC’s core values, we cast 11 diverse creators to utilize the art of transitions and each interpret of the 4 looks of MAC’s Powder Kiss.
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Benchmarks weren’t broken, they were smashed to pieces.

We generated over 5.2 Billion Lifetime Views

From 11 Carefully Cast Creators.

Inspiring 1.2 Million Video Creations.

Fuelled by 1 Hashtag Challenge
and 1 Killer Track.
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