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Today, there are more than 50 million creators worldwide, with more than two million professional creators now earning enough from their passion to consider it a full-time job.

Whalar’s Everything Is Better With Creators podcast is for brands, marketers, talent, and platforms who are creator-curious and want to better understand how the Creator Economy is impacting the global business landscape.
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Emmy Liederman, Adweek
Whalar is actually doing the work and educating the industry on creators.
@Girlbosstown Robin Del Monte
We can talk till we're blue in the face about creators and brands... but they're actually doing the work, and they're educating creators on this industry.
5 stars. Entertaining and insightful. So helpful to learn about the creator economy from experts and such a diverse guest list. It's fun and funny - highly recommend.
@A husband and proud dad
5 stars. Great insights into the creator economy. Love, love, love this podcast.
@Danny Ezra
5 stars. Love this podcast! It's informative, educational and fun.

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