You have proven to be proactive, providing great decks with brilliant levels of detail. You’ve all been able to explain things very clearly and concisely, and account management has always been friendly, super helpful and timely
Josie Madoc. Global Social Lead at Vodafone Smart Tech
           @m.visuals    |    @lamarrioafrobeast    |    @mossonyi   |    @thegrimeviolinist  
The objective of #BeUnlimited was to raise awareness of Vodafone’s plans to become the first network to offer unlimited data plans on both 4G and 5G

An intelligent creator strategy and clear artistic direction resulted in coordindated content and on-brand messaging

We showcased how the Vodafone network with unlimited data can unlock your passions and help you live a life beyond limits
          @stylelobster    |    @byollieb    |    @stephanieyeboah    |    @josh.perrett

46 creators produced energetic and exciting content. With 2.3m impressions and over 200k engagements, this campaign delivered on the brand's bold ambition
            @jamesrefldyer    |    @ampisound    |    @catchfiftytwo
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